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Building a More Walkable Keene

Campaign Introduction:

Increasing tourism, economic activity, public health, safety, and sustainability by building a more walkable community.


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Funding Goal

Jun 2023


This campaign was successful! 😃
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Jun 2023


Raised Percent :
This campaign was successful! 😃
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Campaign Story

Arguably one of the most influential voices in the field of city planning today, Jeff Speck is an author and urban designer who advocates internationally for more walkable cities. He has literally written the book on the subject, the 2012 classic Walkable City, the best-selling city planning title of the past decade.

Jeff has helped communities large and small understand how walkability supports common goals like increasing tourism, economic activity, public health, safety, and sustainability. His wealth of experience, knowledge, and vision allows him to serve as an invaluable resource to each community that he works with, whether the discussion focuses on big-picture change or targeted, incremental improvements.

The Keene Downtown Group has an opportunity to bring Jeff to Keene. As our city grapples with major decisions about public space and infrastructure, there could not be a better time to welcome Jeff to our community and benefit from his perspective. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to consider all our options, including ideas that a foremost expert like Jeff can bring to the table. When making tough choices about our world-class city, we should have world-class ideas at our fingertips.

Since towns and cities across the globe are seeking Jeff’s services, his schedule fills up fast. In fact, his availability for the foreseeable future is limited to one day—June 12th. Consequently, we’re on a short timeline to raise funds in support of Jeff’s fee, which we believe is well worth the investment. Jeff’s time with us would include:

  • A small-group tour of downtown Keene so that Jeff can gain on-the-ground perspective.
  • A pre-lecture reception.
  • Dinner with key sponsors.
  • An evening lecture and book signing.
  • The next morning, a Q&A with key decision-makers (if funds allow).


In hopes that fundraising is successful, Herberton Hall at the Keene Public Library has already been secured to host the lecture. Please RSVP for this event today! We’re developing an outreach and marketing plan as we gather financial resources. The ingredients of an impactful event are coming together.

To make it happen, however, we need community contributions from folks like you. By supporting our campaign, you’ll help ensure that the conversation about downtown Keene is infused with imagination, insight from other communities, and Jeff’s practical, real-world experience accrued over decades as a walkability professional.

This event will focus on Keene, but many of its lessons will be applicable to other towns and cities. If you live nearby and are interested in walkability issues, please consider supporting our campaign. Thank you!


Jeff Speck – Speaker and Travel Fees: $12,000

Event Marketing – Posters and Ads: $500

Event Reception – Refreshments and Supplies: $500

Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
City of Keene Keene, NH June 13, 2023
Anonymous Keene, NH June 08, 2023
Andrew Zimmerman Jaffrey, NH June 08, 2023
Anonymous Jaffrey, NH June 08, 2023
Keene, NH June 05, 2023
D’Alessio & Associates Inc Keene, NH June 02, 2023
Anonymous Keene, NH May 25, 2023
Savings Bank of Walpole Keene, NH May 24, 2023
Mascoma Bank Keene, NH May 24, 2023
Drew Bryenton Keene, NH May 22, 2023
DeWayne Fulton Keene, NH May 20, 2023
Edward Haas Keene, NH May 19, 2023
Michael Remy Keene, NH May 19, 2023
Kenneth Swymer Keene, NH May 18, 2023
Vicky Pittman Keene, NH May 17, 2023
sue lefferts Keene, NH May 16, 2023
George Hansel Keene, NH May 16, 2023
Peg Smeltz Keene, NH May 15, 2023
Wendy Miner Keene, NH May 15, 2023
DC Calabro Keene, NH May 15, 2023
Mike Giacomo Keene, NH May 15, 2023
craig stockwell Keene, NH May 15, 2023
Louise Slayton Westmoreland, NH May 15, 2023
Alicia Clinton Keene, NH May 15, 2023
Jennifer Wu Peterborough, NH May 15, 2023
James Sterling Keene, NH May 14, 2023
Green Energy Options Keene, NH May 12, 2023
Roger & Maddie Weinreich Keene, NH May 12, 2023
Deep Roots Massage Keene, NH May 11, 2023
Kim Vincent Laramie, WY May 11, 2023
Michael Conway Keene, NH May 11, 2023
Anonymous Keene, NH May 11, 2023
Anonymous Keene, NH May 11, 2023
Autumn DelaCroix Keene, NH May 10, 2023
Todd Horner Keene, NH May 10, 2023
Rowland Russell Keene, NH May 10, 2023
Diana Duffy Keene, NH May 10, 2023
Zach Luse Keene, NH May 10, 2023
Lisa Sieverts Harrisville, NH May 10, 2023
Marcia Kayser Keene, NH May 10, 2023
Sandy and Rob Hamm Keene, NH May 10, 2023
The Works Café Keene, NH May 08, 2023
Jennifer Risley Keene, NH May 08, 2023
Keene Downtown Group Keene, NH May 06, 2023
TLC Monadnock Keene, NH May 05, 2023

Campaign Updates

  • 05-13-2023

    Launch Update: We Reached 40 percent of our goal

    We’re over the moon with the support we received yesterday and this morning for our Building a More Walkable Keene campaign!

    Thanks to your support and a match from Monadnock Food Co-op, we reached 40% of our goal.

    If you haven’t already, please register for our June 12 event with Jeff Speck here.

    And let’s see if we can hit the 50% mark by Monday!


  • 05-20-2023

    Matching Challenge Met

    This week, we met our Matching Challenge Goal — we raised $2,000 from community members like you and the Monadnock Food Co-op matched that $2,000, dollar for dollar.  Thank you to our supporters and thank you to the Monadnock Food Co-op!

    We also met our goal of raising 50% of our goal by Monday, June 15.  You made this possible, thank you again so very much.

    Our next goal: Let’s raise 60% of our goal by Wednesday, June 24. Please share our campaign with a friend today!

  • 06-01-2023

    Jeff Speck on Dan Mitchell Show

    Jeff Speck called into Dan Mitchell’s Radio Show on Tuesday. It was a great discussion — please listen to it here.

    Is Jeff Speck coming to Keene? YES!

    But wait, the campaign is only at 65% of its goal! While the City of Keene has agreed to fill in any funding gap we have, we want our event to be 100% community-funded. This will send a powerful message to City Councilors that we believe in a more walkable Keene.

    Thank you for all your support — please continue to talk about this event and our fundraiser with your friends, family, and colleagues.

  • 06-09-2023

    Watch Live On Monday: Building a More Walkable Keene: A Conversation with Jeff Speck

    We know many of you have registered for Jeff Speck’s event on Monday, June 12 at 6 p.m. Can’t make it to Jeff Speck’s event in Keene Monday night?

    Watch the event live (three options):
    ON CABLE TV: Channel 1301

  • 06-22-2023

    Thank You: We Raised 100% of Our Goal

    Thanks to YOU, we raised 100% of our crowdfunding goal.  We were THRILLED by the event turnout.  Unfortunately, the live event streaming did not work out — and we apologize to those who tried to tune in.

    We’re working on getting the audio and slides of Jeff Speck’s event out there.  Also, we’re pulling together a group to keep the energy of the event moving forward. Please reach out if you’re interested in helping us.

    We appreciate everyone who made this event a success and look forward to building a more walkable region with you!



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Pre-Event Reception

Enjoy a pre-event reception with Jeff Speck and the Keene Downtown Group

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