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Village Roots Barn Raising

Campaign Introduction:

Help us raise a barn! A well-designed building is like a generator on a farm: producing the materials and ideas that feed the entire system.


Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Mar 2018


This campaign was successful! 😃
Or purchase a reward below if available!
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Mar 2018


Raised Percent :
This campaign was successful! 😃
Or purchase a reward below if available!
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Campaign Story

Village Roots is a family owned and operated, regenerative farm on the Orchard Hill Community in East Alstead, NH.

When we moved to Orchard Hill in 2004, we had a vision. We wanted to sink our roots, learn from our watershed, grow food and share the yield. A year later we founded Village Roots CSA (with our then growing partner Mary Ellen Sheehan. Thank you Mary Ellen!) We imagined the potential of restoring topsoil by growing a bounty of healthy crops to feed our family and our community. We had no capital to start this operation, just loads of desire, energy and ideas. Importantly, we envisioned that this path would be our life and our livelihood.

What began as a vegetable CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), gradually became a more diversified operation, as we incorporated more cover crops, perennials (such as fruits, herbs, nuts and living mulches) and importantly, animals. Fourteen years later, we sell most of our meats and produce directly to our customers through a variety of CSA options. Its a diversified farm here on the hill, with an emphasis on regenerative practices and hands on learning opportunities. In recent years our pasture raised animal operation has become our bread and butter. We followed a community need for sustainably and ethically raised and processed meats. We met that need; with the additional outcome of building more soil through our pasture management strategies than we could of through vegetable production alone. Now we raise heritage lamb, pork and beef, as well as Freedom Ranger broiler chickens, heritage turkeys, ducks and rabbits. Let’s say, life is bustling here during the growing season!


In 2013 we established Village Roots Permaculture as the education extension of our work. We have always shared our techniques and experiences with others and as trained educators we have taught about sustainable agriculture, homesteading and permaculture at The Orchard School, Calendula Garden, LEAF Charter School, Keene State College, Colby Sawyer College and Antioch University. We have always offered on farm workshops and since 2013 have taught and coordinated a bi-annual, 90-hour Permaculture Design and Certification (PDC) course with educators and practitioners from across the Northeast.




Currently, one of our challenges is that we need more covered space; for our animals in winter, for tool and equipment storage, hay, grain and for a walk in cooler. Raising a barn would address all these needs, as well as creating covered space for food processing, building projects, equipment maintenance and educational workshops. It would also greatly improve our overall efficiency and quality of life. No more tools and hay stored under tarps for the winter!

The beauty of a barn raising is that it is a community endeavor. We’ll mill the wood and cut the timbers. You help by contributing to the campaign that will pay for our roof, siding, site work, gravel, electric and much needed refrigeration. Then you show up on raising day, if you wish, and we raise the frame together. In return, we will offer you a variety of rewards to reimburse you for your contribution.


Please consider donating now and reach out to three other people who you know support the cause of more local food, that is sustainably and humanly raised.

We dream of day where human-scale, efficient and regenerative farms are everywhere (we recognize that the Monadnock Region has a good start on this path!); where our local economy is productive and increasingly self-reliant; where food is healthy and fresh; where land is used wisely for homes, forests and food; and where farmers are reimbursed for their work. Your support helps ensure that another family farm can survive and continue an enduring legacy of food production in our region.

We look forward to growing food for you.

Marty, Ellen and Joules


Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
Elizabeth’s Constable Nelson, NH April 27, 2018
Mark Florenz Keene, NH April 22, 2018
, April 22, 2018
Glenn Schlereth Florence, MA April 19, 2018
Tiffany Mannion East Swanzey, NH April 17, 2018
Victor Avelar Lincoln, RI April 17, 2018
Anna Wils Needham, MA April 16, 2018
Sonia Keiner Upper Marlboro, MD April 15, 2018
John and Donna Clark , NH April 15, 2018
Lonn Livengood , NH April 15, 2018
Eleanor Elbers , NH April 15, 2018
Bobbie Wilson Alstead, NH April 15, 2018
MARY Johnson Alstead , NH April 15, 2018
Nate Johnson Northome, MN April 15, 2018
Jeff Battles Somerville, MA April 14, 2018
Mike and Heather Jasmin Alstead, NH April 14, 2018
Anonymous Alstead, NH April 14, 2018
Kevin Parse Leominster, MA April 13, 2018
Lawrence Frey Arnold, MD April 13, 2018
Caleb Hammond Providence, RI April 13, 2018
James Michael Baker Philadelphia, PA April 13, 2018
John Panek Crofton, MD April 13, 2018
Livia Cavallaro Keene, NH April 13, 2018
Barbara Gettes PHILA, PA April 13, 2018
Laurel Iselin marlborough, NH April 12, 2018
The Works Cafe , NH April 12, 2018
Justin Perreault Milton, MA April 12, 2018
Roe-Ann Tasoulas Keene, NH April 11, 2018
Castine Clerkin Keene, NH April 11, 2018
Tina Trudel Hancock, NH April 10, 2018
Chirag Patel Frisco, TX April 10, 2018
Jonathan Siegmann Hingham, MA April 10, 2018
Anonymous Alstead, NH April 10, 2018
Andrew Cunningham Brattleboro, VT April 10, 2018
ann acheson alstead, NH April 09, 2018
Laura Syria Acworth, NH April 09, 2018
Julia Smagorinsky Kennett Square, PA April 09, 2018
Bob Hutnick Herndon, VA April 09, 2018
Elizabeth Spahn Bradenton , FL April 08, 2018
Peter Wurst Pennsburg , PA April 08, 2018
Peter Wurst Pennsburg , PA April 08, 2018
Joann S Wood Bethel, VT April 08, 2018
Christopher Higley NEW YORK, NY April 08, 2018
Karin Asseng Marlow, NH April 08, 2018
Francis Peruzzi Herkimer, NY April 08, 2018
Francis Peruzzi Herkimer, NY April 08, 2018
Matthew Mena-Landry San Francisco, CA April 08, 2018
John Golden Brooklyn, NY April 08, 2018
Christopher Lopinto Port Jefferson, NY April 08, 2018
James Cusson Auburn, MA April 08, 2018
Ryan Bouffard Southington, CT April 08, 2018
S Lengel Kennett Square , PA April 08, 2018
Katie Schwerin Gilsum, NH April 07, 2018
Hannah Billian Marlow, NH April 06, 2018
Vin & Family Nolan Rochester, NY April 06, 2018
Maureen Buonpane , MA April 06, 2018
Christopher Carney South Lake Tahoe, CA April 06, 2018
Doug Olenic Tahoe City, CA April 06, 2018
Tejas Moses Dublin, NH April 05, 2018
Tokeem Talbot Brattleboro, VT April 04, 2018
Kelly Cochran APO, NY April 04, 2018
Paul Buonpane Mansfield , MA April 04, 2018
Patti Powers Winchester , NH April 03, 2018
Bret Ingold Warner, NH April 03, 2018
Jamie White Keene, NH April 03, 2018
Theresa and Joe Darling Alstead, NH April 03, 2018
Nora Lanahan Bel Air, MD April 03, 2018
Judith Kinnear Keene , NH April 02, 2018
Rachel Zegerius Petoskey, MI April 02, 2018
Lisa Sieverts Harrisville, NH April 02, 2018
Marianne and John Sinopoli , MA April 02, 2018
Missy Prodoehl Acworth, NH April 02, 2018
Missy Prodoehl Acworth, NH April 02, 2018
Anonymous Glen Arm, MD April 02, 2018
Kerry Hughes NH, NH April 01, 2018
Faith Holle Pacifica , CA April 01, 2018
Faith Holle Pacifica , CA April 01, 2018
Denise Armstrong Philadelphia, PA April 01, 2018
Jennifer Risley Keene, NH April 01, 2018
Debra Rivest Keene, NH April 01, 2018
Matthew Castriotta Hubbardston, MA April 01, 2018
David Eisenberg and Jennifer Dolce , NH April 01, 2018
Anna Elbers Oakland, California April 01, 2018
Sueño LeBlond Brattleboro, VT March 31, 2018
Mary Ellen Sheehan Chittenango , NY March 31, 2018
Josh Traeger Brattleboro , VT March 31, 2018
Tammy Andrew New Ipswich, NH March 31, 2018
Tracie Loock Fitzwilliam, NH March 31, 2018
Michael, Sarah & Zeke Matson Madison, TN March 31, 2018
Kat & Forest Stiles-Hanna South Acworth, NH March 31, 2018
josephine Russell surry, NH March 31, 2018
josephine Russell surry, NH March 31, 2018
josephine Russell surry, NH March 31, 2018
Michele Chalice Keene, NH March 31, 2018
Arlene Seksinsky Keene, NH March 31, 2018
Eliza Davis Charleston, SC March 31, 2018
Ashley Connolly Peterborough, NH March 31, 2018
Pamela Harmon Tulsa, OK March 31, 2018
Jocelyn & Jason Goldblatt Keene, NH March 30, 2018
Anton & Eleanor Elbers ALSTEAD, NH March 30, 2018
Norm and Rosemary Bronzert , Maryland March 30, 2018
Gloria and Ray Castriotta , MA March 30, 2018
Silvano Biffis , New Hampshire March 30, 2018
Dan and Beth Kurz , NH March 30, 2018

Campaign Updates

  • 04-04-2018

    Overwhelming Support

    Two days before we launched this campaign we chickened out and lowered our goal from $10,000 to $8,500. Given the overwhelming support of the community, we are raising this goal back to $10,000. The extra $1,500 will allow us to pay for the installation of a walk-in cooler, which is critical to our goals for this space.

    Thank you for demonstrating that this is possible!

  • 06-05-2018

    Getting Started

    Thank you to the community of supporters that helped make this fund raising goal a reality! Your donations of time, money, rewards, materials, expertise, advertising and emotional support have all led us to this next important phase, construction!

    Getting started
    We’ve been stirring on ideas for quite some time now and the planning process continues every time I feed the animals or grab a tool. Now with the campaign a success we are wrapping up details of the design, gathering materials and starting the first phases of the timber frame construction.

    We are adjusting our timber drawings to reflect the materials we have on hand. Many of these timbers, I milled on site two years ago. Joules is adding some animals to the drawings.
    We have begun to layout joinery on barn post timbers.
    We have picked up a trailer load of 200 year old, hand hewn timbers (with the help of Hans Mayer) and have begun the process of cleaning these up. These came from an old barn in Acworth (Bascom’s Sugarhouse) and will become floor joists in the new barn.
    Stay tuned. Now the real fun begins.

  • 19-07-2020

    Help Village Roots Move 4WARD

    We appreciate all your support for Village Roots Permaculture. We hope you’ll consider supporting us on TLC 4WARD, a shared crowdfunding campaign that’s helping participating locally owned businesses weather the COVID-19 crisis, meet changes in community needs and seize new opportunities to move towards a more local, green and fair economy in the Monadnock Region.

    Like many local farmers, COVID-19 boosted sales at our farm. This surge focused our efforts on upgrading our food handling and processing capacity. Specifically, we hope to get our walk-in cooler up and running by late summer.

    Your support will help us purchase and install a walk-in cooler with a cool bot unit and ultimately increase our ability to provide fresh, healthy and safe food to our community.

    This is what we farm for: healthy communities and economies. We farm for our love of the land, and because we learn lots from our neighbors and the plants and animals we raise. We farm to build soil. Mostly, we farm for the Earth. Your support helps us meet our mission. Thank you!

    Help us move 4WARD!

  • A Village Roots BOOK

    We’ve launched a new campaign on TLC Monadnock!  We hope you’ll check it out:

    A Village Roots Book – Patterns of Resilience: Northeast Permaculture in Action

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Stephanie Tickner Greeting Cards

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An assortment of 9 named hardy Sempervivum succulent varieties from Ruffled Feathers Farm in Marlow, NH -- chosen to give you an array of color and form. Can be shipped anywhere in the Continental U.S.

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Permaculture phone consultation

Marty will offer a one hour phone consultation on permaculture or farm design and strategies.

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Spring Greens CSA share

This reward offers you 10 weeks of greens; two half pound bags each week; April - June

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Natural Building phone consultation

Bryan Felice of Undustrial Timber Frames will offer a one hour phone consultation on natural building and design.

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Farm to Table dinner

Dinner for 2 at Orchard Hill. Join us for an intimate late summer farm dinner, highlighting some of the best of Village Roots and Orchard Hill food.

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This reward gets you a spring CSA share at Tracie's Community Farm in Fitzwilliam (9 weeks).

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$75 off your farm purchases of over $150 (food or workshops) for two years. Total value of $150.

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2 hour site consultation

We will visit your site if it's within a 45 mile radius from Alstead for a 2 hour design consultation. This could be appropriate for a small backyard or a full scale farming operation. We will look at your site through a permaculture lens, considering water, soil, plantings, infrastructure, access, microclimates, and use. We will help you identify your goals for the site and will help turn your problem areas into possibilities.

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Intro to Permaculture workshop

This offer is for businesses, organizations and nonprofits. We offer a 2 hour Intro to Permaculture Slideshow, highlighting permaculture on a variety of sites and scales; including regional to global, rural to urban, and land-based to social applications.

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$100 off your farm purchases of over $500 (food or workshops) for five years. Total value: $500

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