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Solar Powered Popsicles

Campaign Introduction:

Bringing Cheshire Garden popsicles to more people with a solar powered cooler.


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Funding Goal

Aug 2018


This campaign was successful! 😃
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Aug 2018


Raised Percent :
This campaign was successful! 😃
Or purchase a reward below if available!
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Campaign Story

Cheshire Garden is our small family farm nestled in the rolling hills of southwestern New Hampshire. We’ve been farming organically for more than 35 years, specializing in heirloom berries, fruits and herbs.

Since organic fruits require daily picking, we carefully freeze the daily harvest and make preserves in the winter – turning our perishable berries into something that can be enjoyed all year long.

The simmering fruit helps heat our house and photovoltaics (solar panels) help power the freezers.

About 4 years ago we tried something new – turning our fruits into Frosty Fruit Pops. (Ok, they look like popsicles, but are so much better!)

Simply pureeing or juicing the fruit and adding a bit of simple syrup captures the essence of fruit picked at its peak, bursting with fresh flavor notes.

I’ve been bringing these pops to farmers’ markets and festivals and basking in the enthusiastic response I get wherever we go.

And that’s where I’m looking for some help. We’d like to go to more festivals, especially where music is playing, people are dancing and kids are having fun. My portable freezer can run off the car battery or AC, but electricity isn’t always available and often needed to power the music.

This portable generator and solar panels to charge it will help me put more delicious, nutritious and healthy pops into more happy mouths.

Pops are a great way to enjoy favorite fruits – like raspberry, blackberry and strawberry – but also away to introduce folks to fruits they may be unfamiliar with like black currants, red currants and Damson plums – all antioxidant-rich powerhouses with a lot of layers of flavor.

Please support Cheshire Garden’s campaign today!

Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
John Tyndall , September 05, 2018
Carol Gagnon Shrewsbur, MA August 31, 2018
Carol Gagnon Shrewsbur, MA August 31, 2018
Doris Barratt WALPOLE, NH August 30, 2018
Jean Marie Bryenton Keene, NH August 30, 2018
Cheryl Talbot Leadville, CO August 30, 2018
Mark Florenz Keene, NH August 29, 2018
Timothy Purington Holyoke, MA August 27, 2018
Sarah Costa Winchester, NH August 26, 2018
Brian Curran Ardmore, PA August 26, 2018
Julie Dickson Keene, NH August 25, 2018
Castine Clerkin Keene, NH August 25, 2018
Michelle White Brighton , MA August 24, 2018
Susan Karalekas Swanzey, NH August 24, 2018
Azure Layton Davis, CA August 24, 2018
L Jeanne Van Patten Winchester , NH August 23, 2018
Thomas Ashley Leyden, MA August 23, 2018
Susan Jones Melrose, MA August 23, 2018
Jodi Turner Seanzey, NH August 23, 2018
Rebecca Holland Hillsborough, NH August 23, 2018
Doris Barratt WALPOLE, NH August 23, 2018
Brenda Latvala Pfahnl Eden Praiarie, MN August 23, 2018
James Curran North Chatham, MA August 22, 2018
Kathleen B Nutter Bernardston , MA August 22, 2018
Steven Lionel Nashua, NH August 22, 2018
Anonymous READING, MA August 22, 2018
Laura Timmerman Leyden, Massachusetts August 22, 2018
Mark Ovian Whitinsville, MA August 22, 2018
Kit Mellott Somerville, MA August 22, 2018
Jane Beauchamp WINCHESTER, NH August 22, 2018
Breanna Butler San Pedro, CA August 22, 2018
Denise Meadows Keene, NH August 22, 2018
Denise Meadows Keene, NH August 22, 2018
Jamie White Keene, NH August 22, 2018
Melissa Blanchard Westmoreland, NH August 22, 2018
Jennifer Risley Keene, NH August 21, 2018
Jennifer Risley Keene, NH August 21, 2018
Anonymous BLOOMFIELD, NJ August 21, 2018
Katherine Ashley BLOOMFIELD, NJ August 21, 2018
Anonymous Leyden, MA August 21, 2018
Linda Belliveau GLENDALE, CA August 21, 2018

Campaign Updates

  • 25-08-2018

    Overwhelmed with Gratitude

    I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the support we’ve had for our crowdfunding campaign in just a day!!! We’ve heard from dear old friends, favorite kids now grown, farmer colleagues, long-time customers and brand new customers, local heroes and the old tribe. I’ll send everybody a real thank you, but I just had to get this out now!

    Here are more updates from Cheshire Garden — please do feel free to share this and help us spread the word about our campaign. Thanks, again!

  • 05-09-2018

    Thanks to you: PattiPops, Solar Powered Pops, is happening!

    Thank you, one and all, for your generous donation to our crowdfunding campaign!!!

    Some of you are old friends, others are new friends, and some folks I don’t even know, but I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

    Thanks to YOU, PattiPops, Solar Powered Pops — is happening!!!

    I’ll be sending off rewards within the month. Enjoy!

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