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Placemaker Local Rewards Program

Campaign Introduction:

Making Connections Visible and Rewards Sweeter


Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Aug 2017


This campaign was successful! 😃
Or purchase a reward below if available!
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Aug 2017


Raised Percent :
This campaign was successful! 😃
Or purchase a reward below if available!
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Campaign Story

For years, Monadnock Buy Local searched for ways to demonstrate our true impact on our local economy. Are our efforts really making a difference? Enter the Placemaker Local Rewards Program, an online loyalty platform that tracks purchases made at locally owned businesses and offers gifts and discounts to users who spend their dollars locally. Placemaker’s mission: Strengthen neighborhood business districts that lead to thriving local economies.

Placemaker will give us access to real data—while you have fun!

Earn Rewards for Shopping Locally

When you shop at a Placemaker business that’s new to you, you’ll receive 20 Merits. Each time you come back to shop or get a service at that business, you earn 5 Merits. You can collect Merits at each participating business by sharing your phone number or using the free Placemaker mobile app.

Each participating business offers specific products or services that can be purchased with Merits. Use your Merits to claim rewards on Placemaker’s website or app. How much does it cost for community members to participate? Nothing. It’s free!

The Roots of Placemaker

This programstarted in Portland, Oregon by Katrina and Michael Scotto di Carlocurrently boasts a network of 150 independent businesses and 80,000 users who have collectively shifted $8 million of their spending to locally owned businesses.

“When a shopping center was built on the outskirts of the Northwestern small town where Katrina and Michael Scotto di Carlo lived, the couple watched as one shop after another on Main Street closed. They both had occupations—Michael as a professor and Katrina as an artist—but they were haunted by the closings. After doing some research, they decided that coalition loyalty—where multiple businesses band together to reward customers—was the solution: It drove revenue to the businesses, directly engaged citizens and could be measured via transaction data. And it helped independent businesses compete with encroaching chains.” ~ Localvesting

What Do You Think?

Bringing Placemaker to our community requires a three-year commitment. So, we’re checking in with you, members and fans of Monadnock Buy Local. Do you believe this is a good investment for our community? Your contribution to this campaign will help demonstrate community support and help us lower participation costs for businesses. (Are you an independent business owner looking for more information about Placemaker? Contact us today!)

We really need your support to bring this program to our community. Please support this program today!

Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
Mark Florenz Keene, NH August 18, 2017
Marcia Kayser Keene, NH August 18, 2017
Marcia Kayser Keene, NH August 18, 2017
Marcia Kayser Keene, NH August 18, 2017
Marcia Kayser Keene, NH August 18, 2017
Julie Baker Fort Collins, CO August 17, 2017
Matthew Price Fort Collins, CO August 17, 2017
Dave Bell Fort Collins, CO August 17, 2017
Loretta Laurenitis Peterborough, NH August 14, 2017
Melissa Blanchard Westmoreland, NH August 13, 2017
Dennis Calcutt Francestown, NH August 13, 2017
, August 12, 2017
, August 12, 2017
, August 12, 2017
, August 12, 2017
Jamie White Keene, NH August 12, 2017
Anonymous Keene, NH August 12, 2017
Ted McGreer Keene, NH August 11, 2017
kim peck West Peterborough NH, NH August 10, 2017
Toadstool Bookshop PETERBOROUGH, NH August 09, 2017
Roman Sypko Keene , NH August 08, 2017
, August 05, 2017
, August 05, 2017
Zach Luse Keene, NH August 02, 2017
Rebecca Holland Hillsborough, NH July 31, 2017
Diane Wolverton Laramie, WY July 28, 2017
Jessica Romero Casper, WY July 28, 2017
Patti Powers Winchester , NH July 27, 2017
, July 26, 2017
amelia tracy Milford, NH July 25, 2017
Tracy Keating Keene, NH July 24, 2017
Jessica Boynton Campton, NH July 21, 2017
Kathy Burke Keene, NH July 19, 2017
John Kondos Spofford, NH July 17, 2017
Prial Outreach Consulting Keene, NH July 17, 2017
Heather Smolowyk Fairport, NY July 16, 2017
Heidi Stanclift Keene, NH July 16, 2017
Valerie Ricardi Keene, NH July 15, 2017
Myra Fontaine Keene, NH July 14, 2017
Kevin Dremel Keene, NH July 14, 2017
, July 13, 2017
Bonnie Hudspeth Putney, VT July 13, 2017
Tiffany Mannion East Swanzey, NH July 11, 2017
Kin Schilling Hancock, NH July 10, 2017
Lisa Sieverts Harrisville, NH July 07, 2017
Fred von Mechow Sherburne, NY July 07, 2017
Marcia Kayser Keene, NH July 07, 2017
Anonymous Keene, NH July 02, 2017
D Meadows Keene, NH July 02, 2017
Nancy DuBosque Keene, NH June 30, 2017
Kim Vincent Laramie, WY June 29, 2017
Rebeckah Bullock Fitzwilliam, NH June 29, 2017
Shannon Hundley Keene, NH June 29, 2017
J DG Keene, NH June 28, 2017
Chris and Rod Heckaman Beaufort , SC June 28, 2017
Diane Wolverton Laramie, WY June 28, 2017
Greg Pregent Keene, NH June 28, 2017
Melissa Blanchard Westmoreland, NH June 28, 2017
Jennifer Risley Keene, NH June 28, 2017

Campaign Updates

  • 01-07-2017

    Friends and Family Update

    We want to bring Placemaker to our community so that independent businesses can be stronger together.

    WOW! Thanks to you, we’ve raised 14% of our fundraising goal for our Placemaker Local Rewards Program crowdfunding campaign.

    This week, we reached out to 15 of our friends and family members — and next week we’ll reach out to 15 more before our official public launch on July 15. Our goal is to surpass the quarter-mark before then. With your support, we can do this!

    Share, share, share

    We’d so appreciate you sharing our campaign with your friends and family today! To make it easy, here’s a link to share via email or social media.

    Another way to help

    If you’re really ambitious, please tell us why you support bringing Placemaker to our community. Email your quote to us. Don’t feel like typing? Feel free to make a short video and share it on your favorite social media platform (and tag it with #tlcmonadnock).

    Stay tuned!

    Yours locally, Jen

  • 16-07-2017

    Near the 30% Mark

    WOW! We officially launched our Placemaker Crowdfunding Campaign yesterday and we’re thrilled to share we raised 29% of our fundraising goal — thanks to all of you.

    Now, the real work begins — spreading this opportunity beyond our immediate friends and family, to community members and independent business owners. Can you help us? Email us and we’ll forward you an email template to share.

    Why You Gave

    Thank you to Jocelyn for sharing why she gave — we’d love to hear from you, too. What excites you about bringing Placemaker to our region?

    “We moved here three years ago from a busy metro area with the belief that a smaller town, with more individual personality, would be a better place to raise our family. Placemaker will encourage a healthy local economy and ensure that the qualities we love about Keene will remain and hopefully strengthen. I love the idea of supporting my neighbors and friends in this way, and I’m not going to lie… I like rewards!”

    More Sponsored Rewards

    As they come in, we’ll add more sponsored rewards to our campaign. They make incredible gifts — so be sure to check back often.

  • 22-07-2017

    Week 1 Updates

    We’re Spreading the Word

    We hoped to inspire at least 471 page views to our Placemaker Local Reward crowdfunding campaign by August 14… well, thanks to everyone’s help spreading the word — we had over 1,000 page views in our first week! Now, we need to re-engage those visitors over the next three weeks.

    Are you connected with a group interested in learning more about Placemaker? We’d love to share a short overview with your group — just contact us today.

    Why Local Economy Builders Love Placemaker

    You might be as crazy about building the local economy as us — so we wanted to share this short video connecting the dots between Placemaker and Community Economic Development efforts: Placemaker Overview for Local Economy Building Organizations

    New Sponsored Rewards
    Two more Monadnock Buy Local Members added Sponsored Rewards to our Placemaker Campaign this week:

    Dine, Play and Stay in Peterborough: Sponsored by the Jack Daniels Motor Inn
    Year of Yoga: Sponsored by Yoga with Josephine
    Learn more on our campaign page (along the right) — and share these great rewards with your contacts today!

  • Week 2 Updates: Help Us Reach the Half-Mark

    $2,000 Fundraising Milestone
    We surpassed the $2,000 mark this week — and are now reaching towards the halfway mark (we’re 41% there!). We built up 5,000+ Placemaker crowdfunding video views on Facebook BUT very few viewers watched long enough to learn what this awesome program is all about. So, we added a new Facebook video just about the Placemaker Program — feel free to share it with your Facebook contacts.

    You’re Invited!

    Please join us for TLC Monadnock Night at the Monadnock Food Co-op on Friday, August 4 from 4 – 6pm in Keene. Visit our table to say hello, share your questions and enjoy a special treat or two! Also, plan to stay for the Co-op’s Local Food BBQ.

    RSVP on Facebook and Help Spread the Word!

    In Case You Missed It
    Last week, the Monadnock Shopper News featured our Placemaker crowdfunding campaign. Here’s to hoping it reaches more community members and inspires them to vote with their dollars to bring Placemaker to the Monadnock Region!

    Please Read and Share: Making Connections Visible and Rewards Sweeter

  • 05-08-2017

    We Need Your Help Telling Our Story

    Say it with video

    We need your help sharing our story about the power of Placemaker. We’d love a very short video of you sharing why you support bringing Placemaker to the Monadnock Region. This would mean the world to our campaign — as we try to convert interest into support. Post your video on your favorite social media platform and send us an email to let us know it’s posted. (If you need help with this, please let us know — we’re so happy to help!) Thank you so much in advance!

    Past the half-way mark
    We’re excited to share we surpassed the half-way point yesterday and reached 65% of our fundraising goal. Woo-hoo! Thank you to the Monadnock Food Co-op for hosting our TLC Monadnock Night at the Co-op last night (and for Mother Nature for a rain-free evening). Next week, we plan to join the Dan Mitchell radio show and broaden our outreach quite a bit. We’ll also be at the Farmers’ Market of Keene next Saturday.

    Get an early jump on your holiday shopping

    Hopefully, you’ve already browsed our amazing rewards for contributing to our Placemaker campaign — but have you considering getting an early jump on your holiday shopping through our campaign? Have someone on your list looking to get more healthy in 2018? Get them one of our yoga or fitness rewards. Know someone who would love to see a Peterborough Players play? Get them the Picnic and a Play Package with the Jack Daniels Inn. A Citizen Membership to Monadnock Buy Local would also make an amazing gift for a buy local enthusiast. Check out all our rewards on the right side of our campaign page.

    Parting words from Michael Shuman

  • 16-08-2017

    Just $470 to go!

    Down to the final days

    Thank you for all the shares on social media — we really feel the local love for Placemaker! We just need $470 to meet our crowdfunding goal, so one more shout out is very appreciated.

    We spoke with Placemaker and if we make our goal it looks like we can launch the program this November — just in time for this year’s Shift Your Shopping season and Plaid Friday event!

    New Sponsored Reward

    Debbie Daniele Photography of Keene donated one Lifestyle Portrait Photography Session, plus one 11×14 enlargement for donating $250 to our crowdfunding campaign. Thanks Debbie!

    Thanks to Nest :: mother child home

    A big thank you to Kim Peck from Nest :: mother child home in Peterborough for her video lending support to our campaign.

  • 19-08-2017

    Thank you!

    We did it!

    Thanks to all of you, we did it! We reached our crowdfunding goal — so we’re bringing Placemaker to the Monadnock Region! Thank you all SO MUCH for making this happen.

    What’s next?

    We will work to distribute rewards over the next month. If you have any questions about any rewards, please feel free to reach out. Also, we will make arrangements with Placemaker for an early November program launch. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress. Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend! And — once again — thank you all!

  • 14-10-2017

    Mondanock Placemaker

    Just a quick update on our efforts to launch Placemaker in the Monadnock Region. It’s looking more and more like we will be ready for a soft launch in early 2018.

    Like Monadnock Placemaker on Facebook

    Behind the Scenes

    We started to receive marketing materials from Placemaker. So excited… Here’s a sneak peek of our business recruitment page featuring Holly and Willard Williams of Toadstool Bookshops. They continue to support Monadnock Buy Local year after year and we’re so very proud of that! We hope to have more updates next month, so please stay tuned.

  • 07-02-2018

    Monadnock Placemaker: The Chicken or The Egg

    Hi all,

    We’re so excited to share that we started recruiting businesses to participate in Monadnock Placemaker!

    We’re looking for 6-8 innovative business owners to be the first ones on board. Of course, business owners want to see that you’re ready and waiting to start using Placemaker…. but if you sign up now, there are no businesses list yet… hence, our chicken or the egg dilemma.

    So here’s how you can help us break this vicious cycle:

    1. Check out the Placemaker Landing Page

    2. Download the app for your iPhone or Android (or register with your cell phone number)

    3. Forward this invitation to your favorite locally owned business and ask them to check our Monadnock Placemaker

    4. Patiently wait while your sign-up combines with others to blow away locally owned business owners, motivating these folks to race to sign up and launch their business on Placemaker

    If you notice any glitches or have any suggestions for us, please let us know. We couldn’t have gotten this far without your support!

    All the best,


  • 30-09-2018

    Milestone Reached: Six Monadnock Placemaker Businesses

    Hi All,

    While it’s taken us longer than we’d hope, we met a major milestone for Monadnock Placemaker this month:

    Six locally owned businesses launched

    (or are SO CLOSE to launching their business)

    Thanks to all of you for your patience and support!

    If you haven’t already:

    1. Check out the Placemaker Landing Page

    2. Download the app for your iPhone or Android (or register with your cell phone number)

    3. Stop by the Welcome Table at the Keene First Friday Art Hop on October 5, from 5 – 7pm (in front of Good Fortune, 110 Main St., Keene) and check-in at Monadnock Buy Local on Placemaker. We’ll award you merit points — save up your merit points and redeem for great rewards.

    All the best, Jen

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