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MAxT Coworking and Education Center

Campaign Introduction:

MAxT Makerspace seeks to create a new space for local consultants, entrepreneurs and creative people to work, meet and collaborate.


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Funding Goal

Aug 2018


This campaign is not currently active.
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Aug 2018


Raised Percent :
This campaign is not currently active.
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Campaign Story

MAxT Makerspace and the Cornucopia Project are turning their shared office space at 49 Vose Farm Rd, Peterborough, NH into a new hub for our community to work, learn and create.

Our Mission—Support the Local Business Ecosystem: Peterborough and the surrounding region have long been a center of arts, culture and industry. The region is now on track to reinvent itself as a center catering to a new, homegrown creative economy. MAxT and Cornucopia’s new offices are located in the Vose Farm business complex where many of the up and coming examples of this trend have also located – Nuttin’ Ordinary, Von Mertens Furniture, SoClean and Parker House Coffee to name a few.

MAxT and Cornucopia have a shared goal of supporting the people in our town and the region who are working on the projects and enterprises that will shape our future – whether it is creative entrepreneurs, innovative artists, or talented local food-based businesses. We’ve started our collaboration with the creation of “The Co” – our Community Cooperative Coworking space at 49 Vose Farm Rd.

Creating an Innovation Center for Our Community: Increasingly, creative entrepreneurs are looking for affordable shared workspaces to start and grow their businesses.

Our vision is to create a flexible working space that will be a hub for local business consultants, solo entrepreneurs, partnerships, larger group projects, workshops and events. We believe that the way to strengthen our local economy is to leverage local resources to support what is already here.

Our space will become that place for our region. To improve upon our large open rooms, smaller meeting rooms, offices and a kitchen, we propose adding the furniture and A/V technology necessary to make The Co the place to be and go for local and regional entrepreneurs.

We are turning to the community to help make our vision a reality. Please help us create an innovative workspace that attracts talent and new businesses that can call Peterborough their home.

Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
Jeanne Dietsch Peterborough, NH September 26, 2018
Mary Lou O’Neil Hancock, NH September 26, 2018
Howard Eglowstein Hancock, NH September 25, 2018
Beate Becker Harrisville, NH September 25, 2018
Richard Bernier Jaffrey, NH September 25, 2018
Scott Russell Rindge, NH September 25, 2018
Denise and Brian Zimmer Peterborough, NH September 21, 2018
Harvest Nutrition & Wellness Tiffany Calcutt Peterborough, NH September 19, 2018
Natasha Meehan Peterborough, New Hampshire September 18, 2018
Jeanne Crouse Alton Bay, NH September 16, 2018
Ian Michaels Keene, NH September 13, 2018
Cynthia Michaels Peterborough , NH September 12, 2018
Magdalena Ramos Peterborough, NH September 12, 2018
David Hornung Sacramento, CA September 11, 2018
Timothy EISENSTADT Belmont, MA September 09, 2018
Tom & Bev Westheimer , NH September 07, 2018
Jeff & Lynne Stone , NH September 07, 2018
Patricia McShane breckenridge, CO September 06, 2018
Colin Murdough Peterborough, NH September 06, 2018
Maddie & Johanna Peterborough, NH September 05, 2018
Jen Risley Keene, NH September 04, 2018
edward lotkowski Peterborough, NH September 03, 2018
Anonymous Deering, NH September 01, 2018
Paul Tuller Dublin, NH August 31, 2018
David Burrows Bennington, NH August 30, 2018
Lindsey Masterson Peterborough, NH August 28, 2018
Patrick Masterson Peterborough, NH August 27, 2018
Hannah Bissex Rindge, NH August 25, 2018
Jessica Haley Boston, MA August 25, 2018
Chris Alarie Jefferson, MA August 23, 2018
Sharon Schuur New York, NY August 22, 2018
ADAM HAMILTON West Peterborough, NH August 22, 2018
Anonymous Peterborough, NH August 22, 2018
, August 21, 2018

Campaign Updates

  • 29-08-2018

    We are making a new home for creative businesses in Peterborough

    WOW! Thanks to you, we’ve raised 43% of our fundraising goal for The Co Coworking and Educational Center crowdfunding campaign.

    If you haven’t given yet – please consider a donation at any size to get us a little closer to our goal. We have great rewards, handmade at MAxT, to thank you for your contribution. Check out these sweet little “Makers Gonna Make” and “Live Free and DIY” buttons you get for a $25 contribution!

    Share, share, share

    We’d appreciate you sharing our campaign with your friends and family today! To make it easy, just use this link:

    Another way to help

    If you’re really ambitious, please tell us why you support bringing The Co to our community. Email us here. Don’t feel like typing? Feel free to make a short video and share it on your favorite social media platform (and tag it with #TheCoCampaign).

    Stay tuned – more exciting announcements from MAxT are just around the corner!

  • 11-09-2018

    Who is the Co?

    It’s hard to find affordable space and launch a business in our region. It’s harder still to find a place where you can build connections with other business startups, rather then feel isolation. We are your neighbors, creating a better place:

    An educator and business advisor looking for a place to work and connect with new clients.
    An artist looking for space to create and develop her work into a livelihood.
    A team of high school students running a farm operation and developing new food products.
    A video production company looking for a home to grow their business.
    A field organizer for the League of Conservation Voters looking for affordable office space to organize her campaigns.
    A group of 4-H students, learning about robotics.
    A toy designer looking for a place where he can develop new products.
    These are just some of the people who have come through our doors looking for a resource like the one we are creating at The Co. They have set up shop here in the hopes that we can help them learn and grow. It’s an amazing mix of ordinary community members doing extraordinary things, together under one roof. MAxT Makerspace is dedicated to the growth of people like them who are striving to make it in Peterborough.

    They are the reasons we are raising money right now for our coworking and education center.

    …and we’re at 60% of our goal! Woohoo!

    A big thank you to everyone who’s contributed so far, but we still need to get all the way to our goal to make this happen.

    If you haven’t yet, please consider a small gift to get us a little closer to our goal!

    The best way right now support innovation and entrepreneurship in Peterborough is to simply build a home that can support it.

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