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Support CC&D’s Kitchen Market by helping us purchase essential safety equipment and supplies for the catering arm of our business.

Keep CC&D’s Kitchen Market Q’ing

by Jen Risley

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  • Aug 2020

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Keene, NH

Jen Risley

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There is great kindness in this world and AWESOMENESS in our community. We thank this amazing community for supporting our local small business, for sharing photos, stories and experiences, for referring us to your friends and families, for donating meals so we can together thank our essential workers and for buying meals for strangers, friends, volunteers and superheroes.
We turn to you, our community, to ask for your support to purchase essential safety equipment and supplies for the catering arm of our business. Protective food barriers, PPE and sanitation supplies are the new normal but an expense on top of the loss of the majority of our 2020 contracted business. We ask for your support, so we can better protect our staff and guests for the events we still have on the books, along with some additional opportunities we have picked up.
We thank you for the thanks yous, check-ins, “you’ve got this” messages and cheers of encouragement. Not just for us but for all restaurants and small businesses.
“The wedding that you catered today was amazing!!! The staff was GREAT and honoring that everyone was protected from the Covid-19 virus. The food and staff were phenomenal! Thank you for feeling safe and serving amazing food!” -Robin M. 6/20/20
CC&D’s Kitchen Market is Charcoal Charlie Pini, an award-winning chef and BBQ Pit Master, and Denise Meadows, a passionate Localvore. Together we share decades of experience, stories and scars in cooking between us, running kitchens and restaurants, creating magic and taking care of our guests and yours. CC&D’s Kitchen Market is home to Charcoal Charlie Productions and Free Range Chick Catering. We are about amazing food and happy faces and bellies. We serve our neighborhood, our community and the Monadnock Region.
Photo Credit: Lisa Scoville



Monadnock Food Co-op $10 Gift Card

Choose your favorite locally grown and made items from this community-owned full-service grocery store in Keene.

READY FOR PICK-UP: Within one month of claiming this reward

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Cheshire Garden $25 Gift Certificate

Locally made preserves, mustards and sauces: We pick every fruit, vegetable and berry at its sun-ripened peak. Since we don't rely on markets for our fruit, they don't need to be shipped and we can wait until they are perfectly ripe and most full of flavor for picking. Herbs, too, are harvested at peak flavor on bright, sunny days.

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One-Hour Massage at Deep Roots Massage

Enjoy 60-minutes of bliss! Deep Roots helps people to reduce stress, recover from injury, reduce chronic pain and enhance sports performance. Their nationally certified and NH state-licensed therapists train and practice together in results-based massage to tailor each session to meet your specific needs ~ every time you visit.
Delivery: Within one month of claiming this reward.

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Name Campaign Location Date
Karina Krepp NY, NY July 06, 2020
Victoria Kline Silver Spring, MD July 05, 2020
Susan Farrell SURRY, NH July 03, 2020
Stephanie Case Keene , NH July 03, 2020
Anonymous Keene, NH July 02, 2020
Mark Florenz Keene, NH July 02, 2020
Jennifer Sullivan Keene, NH July 02, 2020
Matt Leese Roxbury, NH July 02, 2020
Amy Christiansen Keene, NH July 02, 2020
Kimberly DeGrosky Keene, NH July 02, 2020
steve ioannou Keene, NH July 02, 2020
Elizabeth Wood Keene, NH July 02, 2020
Carolyn Crane KEENE, NH July 02, 2020
Anonymous Keene , NH July 02, 2020
Shannon Hundley KEENE, NH July 02, 2020
Harley Sterling Keene, NH July 02, 2020
Kimberley Diemond Chesterfield, NH July 02, 2020
Ruth Sterling Keene, July 02, 2020
Michael Remy Keene, NH July 02, 2020
Anonymous Fitzwilliam, NH July 02, 2020
Vanessa Calkins Marlborough, NH July 02, 2020
Anonymous Fitzwilliam, NH July 02, 2020
Victoria Tobin Bluffton, SC July 02, 2020
Maggie Brogdon Fitzwilliam , NH July 02, 2020
JR Jacobs Keene, NH July 02, 2020
Anonymous Keene, July 02, 2020
Kevin Dremel Keene, NH July 02, 2020
Jamie Tussing Keene, NH July 02, 2020
Patti Powers Winchester , NH July 01, 2020
Jen Risley Keene, NH July 01, 2020


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