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Investing in children is investing in the future of our community. Help kids access opportunities in our community that cultivate a successful adulthood.

Helping Kids Access Success

by Jen Risley

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  • Apr 2020

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Keene, NH

Jen Risley

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Every Kid Counts!

The children in our community are the next generation of workers, parents and community leaders, but not all kids have an equal start in life because their families struggle financially to get by.

The Keene Housing Kids Collaborative gives kids living in Keene Housing households the chance to participate in activities in our community that will help them succeed.

We believe kids, wherever they live, should be part of the community, not apart from the community. That’s why we don’t have centralized programming on site at Keene Housing properties. Instead, we partner with community organizations that are already providing excellent programming for kids.

What Parents Are Saying:

  • “This program levels the playing field for our family.”
  • “Her grades have skyrocketed!”
  • “It’s made a big difference in how she interacts with the world.”

Help us celebrate our 5th birthday by supporting us with a contribution of 5$ or more. By giving a little, you can help out a lot.

Our community benefits when all children have an equal chance to be an active part of that community.



KHKC Logo Window Cling

Donate any amount of $5 or more, and receive a KHKC window cling. Dress up your office, business or car window with our colorful logo.

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Four Day Passes to FUN!

Get four free day passes to the Cheshire Children’s Museum in Keene. Check out all their exhibits! (Value: $28)

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MORE ADDED! Four Day Passes to FUN!

Get four free day passes to the Cheshire Children’s Museum in Keene. Check out all their exhibits! (Value: $28)

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MoCo Arts

Receive two (2) tickets to MoCo Arts spring dance show, “The Little Mermaid” at the Redfern Arts Center in Keene on Saturday, May 30th ($40 value).

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6 FUN Kickboxing Classes

For any / all fitness levels, ages 15 and up. Expect lots of fun kickboxing combinations, amazing music and high energy throughout. The class will focus on Kickboxing, changing up the class structure so you never get bored. You will be super sweaty and leave class happy and less stressed....Get fit, stay fit, and have fun!

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Therapeutic Horsemanship Session

Receive a 6-week session of therapeutic horsemanship lessons at True Hope Therapeutic Horsemanship at their Troy, NH location. These lessons can be either mounted or unmounted depending on the goal of the participant. Participant must be at least 4 years old and able to sit up in a saddle without assistance to participate. (Value: $240)

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  • 15-07-2020

    Kids Connectivity Project

    We send gratitude and hope to all Keene Housing Kids Collaborative (KHKC) supporters.

    Since mid-March, when the realities of Covid-19 forced community activities for kids to close indefinitely, and school switched to remote learning, KHKC worked to re-imagine our role as connector for kids living in Keene Housing.

    We initiated the Kids Connectivity Project in April, to ensure that every student living in a Keene Housing household has a stable and reliable internet connection at home and a device they can use independently on which to connect to the internet and do their schoolwork.
    We paid several past due internet bills for families so that they could re-connect their internet. We have so far brought several internet accounts current and purchased 8 Chromebooks ($300 each) and distributed them to families, allowing them to return devices on loan from the school district. Purchase of Chromebooks for students in Keene Housing households will allow distribution of school district Chromebooks to students living in struggling households who do not live in Keene Housing, broadening the availability of school Chromebooks to more students who need them.
    Also this spring, we started a Zoom tutoring program, connecting Keene Housing students with community volunteers to help with schoolwork via Zoom. This program was very successful and provided a level of flexibility in scheduling for both volunteers and students that made it easy to connect volunteers and students without the need to travel or meet in a designated spot. Zoom tutoring program will continue through the 2020-21 school year.
    We continue to connect kids with the limited community activities available this summer: MoCo day camp for kids under 9 years old, YMCA day camp, Stonewall Farm day camp, NHDI summer intensive, and True Hope horseback riding.
    We are coordinating with Jen Dassau of Feeding Tiny Tummies to distribute weekly food boxes to Keene Housing families. Residents can pick up boxes at 3 property sites in Keene and 2 in Swanzey. So far, 53 families with 120 children have signed up to access the boxes. This is a huge increase over the # of kids who took advantage of the sit down, bagged meal USDA summer meals.
    Be well and keep in touch.

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Donna Leather Rindge, NH March 02, 2020
Grace Hartman Sharon, NH March 02, 2020
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Denise Pratt Stoddard, NH February 27, 2020
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Sarah Dresser Keene, NH February 25, 2020
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