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Support projects addressing Farms & Local Food in the Monadnock Region. Let’s provide campaign teams with the extra resources they need to make their vision happen.

Fuel More Farms & Local Food

by Jen Risley

  • $550

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  • $725

    Funds Raised
  • Jan 2021

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This campaign was successful! 😃
Keene, NH

Jen Risley

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Campaign Story

Let’s Pay-It-Forward
TLC Monadnock’s Pay-It-Forward program provides extra support and resources to campaigns aligned with our 2021 community priorities like FARMS & LOCAL FOOD.
We asked and you voted!
Our community helped The Local Crowd (TLC) Monadnock decide which Local Living Economy building blocks to focus on in 2020-2022. The top three Local Living Economy building blocks were affordable housing, farms & food, and living wage jobs & equity.
What’s a Local Living Economy?
A Local Living Economy is an economy that improves our quality of life, meets everyone’s basic needs and creates an engaged citizenry.
Direct your funds to our Farms & Local Food Pay-It-Forward Program to empower us to recruit and support more businesses, organizations and initiatives fostering this building block in our region.
Who have we already supported?

Fuel more Farms & Local Food campaign teams today!
Name Campaign Location Date
Dorothy Smith Westmoreland, NH February 19, 2021
Emily Mason Surry, NH January 30, 2021
Katy Locke KEENE, NH January 24, 2021
Roe Ann Tasoulas Keene, NH January 10, 2021
Rich Kalich Spofford, NH January 09, 2021
Lisa Sieverts Harrisville, NH January 09, 2021
Tiffany Mannion Swanzey, NH January 09, 2021
Martin Castriotta Alstead, NH January 09, 2021
Caroline Tremblay RICHMOND, NH January 06, 2021
Carrie Quimby Keene, NH January 05, 2021
Anonymous Walpole, NH January 01, 2021
Summer Brooks Keene, NH December 27, 2020
Rick Swanson Wiltron, NH December 16, 2020
Tracy Bartella-Metell KEENE, NH December 11, 2020
Jenny Wooster Winchester, NH December 09, 2020
Sandy Hamm , December 07, 2020
Marcia Kayser Keene, NH December 07, 2020
Roe-Ann Tasoulas Keene, NH December 06, 2020
Noah Elbers ALSTEAD, NH December 06, 2020
Patti Powers Winchester , NH December 05, 2020
Jennifer Risley Keene, NH December 05, 2020


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