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Coming together to celebrate — whether with food, music, holiday festivals or the arts — has a long tradition of uniting our communities throughout the Monadnock Region. More than just a night out, local events become a part of our family traditions (think holiday lightings and annual parades), introduce new people to the region, and demonstrate all there is to enjoy here throughout the year.

GKPC and The Thing in the Spring

by Julie Schoelzel

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  • Jun 2022

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Keene, New Hampshire

Julie Schoelzel

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Campaign Story


The first event we’re featuring in this campaign is The Thing in the Spring, a four-day music festival with over 30 acts that is an annual celebration of music and art, taking place this year (it’s 14th) at Nova Arts in Keene, the non-profit arts and music element that hosts concerts and events at Brewbakers’ Emerald St. location.

This year, promotion of the event and of Keene extends well beyond ticket buyers. Each act will promote their participation on their social media, introducing tens of thousands of young people to the region in a meaningful and authentic way. Contributions to this campaign ensures that GKPC can support The Thing in the Spring and develop future events throughout the region, either directly with cash for necessary infrastructure or assistance with marketing and media outreach.

This fund will also support our efforts to coordinate with local businesses to promote these events, participate in event themes, and preparations to welcome an increase in customers. We hope you’ll contribute today!

How Your Contribution Supports Keene and The Monadnock Region:

  • The Thing in the Spring introduces Keene to hundreds of thousands of people from all over New England, with those between the ages of 18 and 35 the largest demographic
  • After the event we’ll message all attendees, highlighting our local colleges and universities, why this is an ideal place to live and launch a career, and that GKPC is a resource for them. Who knows, your next great hire might just be a Thing in The Spring audience member!
  • A healthy events calendar promotes a healthy economy and an engaged community, all while strengthening the bonds between our residents and our towns. Your support helps make it happen.
  • This event offers something that a lot of kids and young adults living in rural areas don’t usually get – a chance to see the world, through music and art, right in their own hometown.


There are several other events locally that target similar audiences with other passions and we hope to run more sponsorship campaigns like this in the future. Thank you for contributing today and we look forward to celebrating with you at The Thing in the Spring!

Name Campaign Location Date
Erik Murphy Keene, NH May 20, 2022
Marcia Kayser Keene, NH May 20, 2022
Brad Dufresne Keene, NH May 17, 2022
Kenneth Young Winchester, NH May 16, 2022
Mark Rebillard Keene, NH May 13, 2022
Caroline Tremblay Richmond, NH May 11, 2022
Tricia Bell Peterborough, NH May 10, 2022
Kate Coon PETERBOROUGH, NH May 10, 2022
Gavin Sturges Peterborough, NH May 09, 2022
Eric Gagne Peterborough, NH May 09, 2022
Greater Keene and Peterborough Chamber Keene, NH May 09, 2022
Kathy Waters Keene, NH May 04, 2022
Luca Paris Marlborough, NH May 04, 2022
Kenneth Ballard Keene, NH May 04, 2022
Jen Risley Keene, NH May 03, 2022
Xander Paris Keene, NH May 03, 2022
Anonymous Keene, NH April 28, 2022
Anonymous Keene, NH April 26, 2022


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