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The Bicycle Mayor of Keene accelerates the progress of cycling in the Monadnock region by focusing on three areas: education, creation and connection — with an aim to get more people on more bikes more often.

Bicycle Mayor of Keene…more people on more bikes more often

by Jen Risley

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  • Dec 2017

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East Swanzey, NH

Jen Risley

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I’m so proud to serve as the inaugural Bicycle Mayor of Keene (and the very first Bicycle Mayor in the United States). With our community partners, we have identified three areas that I will focus on during my two year term: education, connection and creation.

As the Monadnock region’s only certified cycling instructor, I will set up cycling education classes that teach our community to drive and ride strong. I will also work to get other certified cycling instructors in the region.

I am committed to connecting the existing resources in our region – organizations, businesses and municipalities — that support a shared future of confident riders and supported infrastructure. Also, I will connect local colleges, university and businesses with the benefits of bicycle-friendly programming. I will connect our region of riders by launching initiatives such as Bike Kitchens, Bike Shares, and Community Rides.

I will create an online hub that connects our community of riders with opportunities to know your neighbor and share many voices from the saddles in our region.

Click here to read more about the Bicycle Mayor Initiative, organized by Cyclespace in Amsterdam.

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Personal Half-Hour Drum Session

A half hour personal drum lesson with Michael Day, percussion teacher at Elm City Music. (Value: $25)

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Blinkers for Bicycles - WingLights

As Bicycle Mayor and a regular bicycle commuter, I am always searching for innovative, effective ideas that strengthen my ride. WingLights are one of those ideas. They attach to the ends of your handlebar and use technology that drivers already understand: Blinkers! Lasting longer than an arm raise, and brighter than your skin tone, these bright lights provide a world of visibility. You know where you are going. Let the folks behind you know the same. Ride strong with WingLights, the Dragons’ Den-winning product (UK version of Shark Tank) that featured on Forbes’ Top Cycling Products for 2017.

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Beeline Device - Built for Better Journeys

Smart navigation for your bike. This package includes Beeline, an intuitive navigation device that makes your bike rides more fun. Ride with Beeline and make every journey an everyday adventure. By simply showing you the direction to your destination and the distance to go, Beeline allows you to take back control of your ride. Happy Beelining! :)

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E-Newsletter Feature

We'll feature you (or your business) in the Q&A section of one of our monthly e-newsletters and share with the community your interest in bicycling. We will also directly link the email to a bicycling website of your choice. Show off your dedication to the movement!

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Name Campaign Location Date
, November 25, 2017
CINDY NORDSTROM Hubbardston, MA November 13, 2017
Brett King W Townsend , MA November 11, 2017
Jennifer Risley Keene, NH November 11, 2017
William Schoefmann Keene, NH November 10, 2017
, November 10, 2017
Stacy Almeyda Brooklyn, NY November 07, 2017
Gazelle Bikes , November 06, 2017
Daniel Prial Keene, NH November 06, 2017
Paula Bedard Goffstown , NH November 06, 2017
Tracie Loock Fitzwilliam , NH November 06, 2017
Robin Picard Keene, NH November 05, 2017
Anonymous East Swanzey, NH November 05, 2017
Leslie Thompson Alexandria, NH November 04, 2017
Travis Rowe Keene , NH November 04, 2017
Travis Rowe Keene , NH November 04, 2017
Erik Bell Keene, NH November 04, 2017
Jen Risley Keene, NH November 04, 2017
Jessica Mannion Townsend, MA November 04, 2017
Noelle Nordstrom brooklyn, NY November 03, 2017
Sam Hawkes Rehoboth, MA November 03, 2017
Valerie Ricardi Keene, NH November 03, 2017
Anonymous Troy, NH November 02, 2017
Kristy Campbell Shirley, MA November 02, 2017
Kathleen Burke Keene, NH November 02, 2017
Mary Atkinson Rutland, VT October 31, 2017
Heather Dunlap Mansfield, MA October 31, 2017
Eric & Kim Mannion Townsend, MA October 31, 2017
Mike Nordstrom Fitchburg, MA October 31, 2017
Gerald Nordstrom Townsend, MA October 31, 2017
Marissa Ulmer Windham , ME October 31, 2017
Brianna Mannion Seattle, WA October 31, 2017
dana mannion new london, NH October 31, 2017
Michael Day Swanzey, NH October 31, 2017


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