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A Stone Mill for Mill Hollow

Campaign Introduction:

In communities all across America, bakeries are introducing their customers to the increased nutritional value and flavor of baked goods made with freshly milled flour. Through the acquisition of a hand-built stone mill from New American Stone Mills in Elmore, Vermont, we hope to be able to provide our community with a better tasting, more nutritious loaf while also bridging the gap between farmers and consumers.


Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Oct 2019


This campaign was successful! 😃
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Oct 2019


Raised Percent :
This campaign was successful! 😃
Campaign Location:
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Campaign Story

It is our mission to provide our community with the most delicious and nourishing bread and pastry we can offer. A flour mill will improve both the quality and flavor of our offerings, as well as the nutritional value of our breads and pastries. By using the traditional method of stone milling flour, versus the more common roller milling method used in many large-scale flour operations, we ensure that the nutritive germ and bran of the whole grain remain intact while also preserving key nutrients that are lost as flour ages after milling.

Our project will benefit our community members and customers, local grain farmers and local businesses with whom we partner. Orchard Hill is also one of the few bakeries in the country offering continuous learning opportunities for prospective artisan bakers via the age-old tradition of apprenticeship. Our apprentices, employees and community members will benefit from the teaching and learning opportunity a stone mill provides by giving them a greater understanding of the journey from field to loaf. By sourcing organic grain directly from local farmers, we increase their profitability and support the viability of small, family farms.

Campaign Rewards



Enjoy a free loaf of our Austrian Christmas bread: rum soaked dried fruits wrapped in a blanket of rye bread. Amazing with soft cheese or toasted with a slather of butter!

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Commemorative T-shirt

A limited edition The Mill at Orchard Hill t-shirt designed by baker and artist extraordinaire Sam Burhoe! Men's and women's sizes available.

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Whole Grain Loaf of the Month
Every month, get a whole grain loaf made with freshly milled whole grain flour, organic seeds and grains, our house sourdough and sea salt. Begins summer of 2020.

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This pass entitles you to 12 free pizzas over the course of the pizza night season. Arrive by 5:30pm and we'll stamp your card and send you straight to the crust table! No long lines, no waiting!

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Seasonal Pastry Box

Taste the best of the seasons! Take home a seasonal pastry box including 6 pastries made with our freshly milled flour, inspired by the flavors of spring, summer, fall and winter. Begins summer of 2020; four boxes for the year.

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Bread Making Workshop

Come learn the wonders of sourdough with a two-day bread making workshop with Noah at the bakery! Participants will learn mixing, scaling, shaping, and baking techniques for a variety of doughs and final products. Takes place April 4th & 5th, 2020 at the bakery.

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Pizza Party!

Birthday? Anniversary? Reunion? Make it better with pizza! We'll throw you a private pizza party for you and 12 friends at our outdoor pavilion. Includes crust, sauce, cheese and everything you need to enjoy delicious wood-fired pizza!

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Catered Event

Wedding reception? Family reunion? Graduation? We'll cater your event for up to 50 people.

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Campaign Contributions

Name Campaign Location Date
John Round KEENE, NH November 04, 2019
Daniel Tremblay Milford, NH October 03, 2019
Diane Sontum Laramie, WY October 02, 2019
Sue, Steve, Sean and Laryssa Fortier Alstead, NH October 01, 2019
Kim Vincent Laramie, WY October 01, 2019
Robyn OBrien Putney, VT October 01, 2019
Timothy J Dziedzic Marlborough, NH October 01, 2019
Marty Brennan-Sawyer PUTNEY, VT October 01, 2019
Barbara Ewels Hudson, MA October 01, 2019
Joshua Bellamy Raleigh, NC September 30, 2019
Rebecca Holland Hillsborough, NH September 30, 2019
Mary Cannon Walpole, NH September 30, 2019
Heather Jasmin Alstead, NH September 30, 2019
William and Yumiko Sandoe Acworth , NH September 30, 2019
Dennis Calcutt Francestown, NH September 30, 2019
Sarah Bauhan Hancock, NH September 30, 2019
Beth Kosuk Chesterfield, NH September 29, 2019
Rob & Sarah Vogel South Acworth, NH September 29, 2019
Kimberly Mastrianni Langdon, NH September 29, 2019
Ellen Simons S Acworth, NH September 29, 2019
Marina Coneeny Walpole, NH September 28, 2019
Lee Carter Alstead, NH September 28, 2019
Ideal Board North Walpole, NH September 28, 2019
Anna Von Mertens Peterborough, NH September 28, 2019
Natasha Meehan Peterborough, NH September 28, 2019
Julian Marks South Portland, ME September 28, 2019
Jeudi Davis Marlborough, NH September 27, 2019
Tricia Bennett Marlow, NH September 27, 2019
Florian Back Westmoreland, NH September 27, 2019
Florian Back Westmoreland, NH September 27, 2019
Leslie Honey Alstead , NH September 26, 2019
Juniper Burch Cambridge, MA September 26, 2019
Joshua Mack BROOKLYN, NY September 26, 2019
Mary Johnson Alstead , NH September 26, 2019
Karen Hatcher Peterborough, NH September 26, 2019
Peg Smeltz Keene, NH September 26, 2019
Kelli Wilson Walpole, NH September 26, 2019
Susan Schauer Peterborough, NH September 26, 2019
Hans Porschitz Keene, NH September 26, 2019
Tracie Loock Fitzwilliam , NH September 26, 2019
Michael and Kathy Nerrie Walpole, NH September 26, 2019
Pete Throop Keene, NH September 26, 2019
Paul Avery Jr Marlborough , NH September 25, 2019
Vanessa Helgerson Gilsum, NH September 25, 2019
Nanci McCrackin Peterborough, NH September 25, 2019
Hanah LaBarre Keene, NH September 25, 2019
Stacy Cibula Keene, NH September 25, 2019
Sandy Mackenzie Nelson, NH September 25, 2019
Peter France Washington, NH September 23, 2019
Laura Butson So Acworth , NH September 23, 2019
Maria and Ward Ogden Putney, VT September 22, 2019
Suzanne Butcher Keene, NH September 22, 2019
Lynne Boudreau and Golfman Marlow, NH September 21, 2019
Shams Helminski Portland, OR September 20, 2019
Kathleen & John Vetter / Zurich Nelson, NH September 20, 2019
josephine russell Surry, NH September 18, 2019
Faith Holle Pacifica, CA September 17, 2019
Anna Elbers Oakland, CA September 17, 2019
Anonymous Stoddard, NH September 16, 2019
Daniel Maynard-Wyzik Keene, NH September 16, 2019
Daniel Maynard-Wyzik Keene, NH September 16, 2019
Daniel Maynard-Wyzik Keene, NH September 16, 2019
Kirsten Archibald Marlborough, NH September 16, 2019
Emily Sherwood Wilton, NH September 15, 2019
Stephanie Tickner Marlow, NH September 15, 2019
Brian Jones Jamaica Plain, MA September 15, 2019
Marcia Kayser Keene, NH September 14, 2019
Debra Herget Keene, NH September 14, 2019
Celine and Karl Gendron-Schurman Keene, NH September 14, 2019
Paul Tuller Dublin, NH September 14, 2019
Elizabeth Tilton-Wahlert Perkinsville, VT September 13, 2019
Valerie and Pablo Green Energy Optiona Gilsum, NH September 13, 2019
MARK DANAHY Alstead, NH September 13, 2019
Kathleen Minogue Boise, ID September 12, 2019
Christopher Madigan Alstead, NH September 12, 2019
Gabrielle Schuerman Keene, NH September 11, 2019
Derek Merleaux Northampton, MA September 11, 2019
Kathy Terry Westmoreland, NH September 11, 2019
Tiffany Mannion East Swanzey, NH September 11, 2019
Jim Sweitzer PUTNEY, VT September 11, 2019
Lloyd Hook Lempster , NH September 10, 2019
Cara Campbell Newport, RI September 10, 2019
David Blair Harrisville, NH September 10, 2019
Lisa Sieverts Nelson, NH September 10, 2019
Elizabeth Harlow North Westminster, VT September 10, 2019
Michelle Shea La Sala Antrim, NH September 10, 2019
Michelle Shea La Sala Antrim, NH September 10, 2019
sarah heffron Harrisville, NH September 10, 2019
Mark Kingwell Toronto, Ontario September 10, 2019
Elliot Burch Friday Harbor, WA September 10, 2019
Meg Lucas Saxtons River, VT September 10, 2019
Rebecca Karush Swanzey, NH September 10, 2019
David Eisenberg Marlow, NH September 10, 2019
Jill Robinson Walpole, NH September 10, 2019
Anonymous Guilford, VT September 10, 2019
Elizabeth Zoob Roslindale, MA September 10, 2019
Robert Meagher Greenfield, NH September 09, 2019
Juliana Stevens Alstead, NH September 09, 2019
Anonymous Acworth, NH September 09, 2019
Louisa & Samuel Kaymen Walpole, ME September 09, 2019
Bill Patterson Walpole, NH September 09, 2019
Jennifer Close Gilsum, NH September 09, 2019
Gary and Jane Shapiro Keene, NH September 08, 2019
Alyssum Mensoff Sebastopol, CA September 08, 2019
Amanda Dube Alstead, NH September 08, 2019
Kim Vincent Laramie, WY September 08, 2019
lisa davis Middletown, CT September 08, 2019
lisa davis Middletown, CT September 08, 2019
Andrea Cheeney Langdon, NH September 08, 2019
Diane Sontum Laramie , WY September 08, 2019
Noah Elbers ALSTEAD, NH September 08, 2019
Sueño LeBlond Brattleboro , VT September 08, 2019
Daniel Prial Keene, NH September 08, 2019
Jen Risley Keene, NH September 07, 2019
Sadie Stehlik Marlborough , NH September 05, 2019
Joe Marks Marlow, NH September 05, 2019
Pizza Night Fundraiser , NH September 05, 2019
Patti Powers Winchester, NH September 02, 2019
Patti Powers Winchester, NH September 02, 2019

Campaign Updates

  • 09-09-2019

    Pizza Night and the Mill!

    Wow! We were so humbled by the incredible show of generosity that we witnessed this past week at Pizza Night. Our final pizza night of the year brought so many of our favorite people out, and we really felt the love. Thanks to all of your support, we raised nearly $4,000, enough to put the deposit down on our mill! Here’s a sketch-up of what it will look like:

    Grain goes into the hopper at the top, is fed into the hole in the center of the stones, where it is ground into flour. So cool!

    We’ve gotten a few questions about what the mill can do, and I’d like to take a minute to answer them here. We are purchasing a mill with 26″ diameter stones. The stones are made with Vermont-quarried granite, and can mill 60-80 pounds of grain an hour. We use about 1000 lbs of whole grain flour every week at the bakery, meaning that this mill will be in fairly consistent use. The miller is able to control how closely the stones are set together, which affects the coarseness of the grain: close-set stones mean fine grain, stones set further apart equal a coarser mill. This means we can make cracked grain as well flour. We currently use cracked rye in all of our naturally leavened bread and cracked oats in many of our multi-grain loaves. Because heritage whole grains are much easier to come by than heritage flours, we will be able to experiment with other flours, such as millet, buckwheat, oat and more! Thanks for supporting us on our journey, and we hope you’ll continue to follow along and share our project with others.

  • 01-10-219


    Holy smokes! $13,300 and counting! We are floored by the generosity and enthusiasm we have received from our friends, family and community and are beyond excited to have met — and exceeded! — our fundraising goal. We can’t wait to start milling whole grain flours and baking them into bread and pastry for you and your family. Words can’t begin to express our gratitude, but we’ll start with thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • 21-01-2020

    A new floor and a bit of color!

    Hello all!

    We hope everyone had a warm and peaceful holiday season! Ours was full of the usual bakery hustle and bustle, but with the added excitement of some renovations! Our new mill will be housed in the back aisle of the bakery, and before it arrived, we needed to give the floor a much needed update. We moved out all of our equipment, cordoned off parts of the bakery that weren’t being worked on, and took an extended break to lay a new finish and allow it to cure. While all this was happening, we settled (by bakery employee vote!) on a color for our new mill — it’s called Traffic Purple! We are expecting it to arrive next month, and can’t wait to show you all pictures of it in its new home! In the meantime, here are some snaps from our recent renovations. Thank you again for your support, and happy new year!


  • 14-05-2020

    A long over-due update! Please read for VIPizza pass and Whole Grain of the Month info!

    Hello all!

    Our new mill has been delivered and installed and is running beautifully! Our team voted on a color for the metal framework, and we couldn’t be happier with this bright purple.

    We have switched over to milling all of our rye and spelt flour in house, but we are still searching for a source of organic wheat berries that is able to supply us in quantity in the current climate. Small local mills and growers, as well as larger operations, are experiencing an increased demand for flour and grain due to the pandemic, and are operating either at or over capacity and are largely unable to take on new accounts at this time. We have been able to source small quantities of wheat berries, however, which has allowed us to provide fresh flour for sale in our farm stand and at farmer’s markets as well as at select local retail locations.

    In other news, we have made the very tough decision to cancel pizza night for the 2020 season. We feel unable to play host to such an event in a way that would be socially responsible and are unwilling to potentially put our community at risk. We are, however, planning to offer delicious take-away pies, made by our hard-working team and baked in our wood-fired oven, available every Tuesday evening from 5:30pm to 8:00pm, June 3 – August 25, 2020. We will offer 3 pizzas each night: a plain cheese, a vegetarian special and a meat special, which will feature as much local, seasonal produce, along with locally produced meats and cheeses, as we are able to procure.These pizzas will be priced at $16, $20 and $20 respectively. For those of you who have joined us for pizza nights in the past, you’ll notice an increase in price. Allow us to explain:

    The main function of pizza night has always been to serve as both a community gathering space, as well as provide a source of fundraising for local non-profit organizations. In order to make sure these organizations received as large of a percentage of the proceeds as possible, the bakery has always kept its overhead costs very low — sauce, cheese, crusts, and an all-volunteer staff, provided by the benefiting organization of the evening, along with 1 bakery employee. This year’s pizza nights will require significantly more of the bakery terms of financial outlay, in both ingredient cost, as well as staffing.

    For those of you who contributed to the fundraising campaign by purchasing a VIPizza Pass, we are able to offer you the full value of your pass ($125) in credit toward take-away pizza this summer. Stay tuned for details regarding ordering, pick-up and redeeming your credit for this summer’s pizza night. We are endlessly grateful for your support.

    For those of you who contributed to the fundraising campaign by signing up for our Whole Grain of the Month Club, your first pick-up will be May 28 with our 100% freshly milled Whole Spelt bread. It’s become one of our new favorites, and we hope you’ll love it too!

    Whew! That was a long one. If you made it this far, thank you for sticking with it! It has been a wild few months at the bakery, and in the world at large, and we are all feeling incredibly grateful to still be baking bread and pastry. We hope this update finds you safe and well, and we send you our warmest thoughts and wishes.


    The Orchard Hill Breadworks Team

  • 14-06-2020

    Help Orchard Hillbreadworks Move 4WARD

    Please check out Orchard Hill Breadwork’s story on TLC 4WARD — a new initiative empowering you to support the local businesses that you don’t want to live without.

    Every Tuesday night in the summer, we welcome a few hundred individuals to Orchard Hill, who come for one thing: delicious, wood-fired pizza. The event has always been pretty straightforward — bring your own toppings, and we’ll give you a crust, sauce and cheese. You build your own pie, and we bake it for you in our outdoor oven and 100% of the profits go to numerous local non-profit organizations, who volunteer their time and energy to make the event a success. This year, we’re doing things a little differently.

    While we can’t invite hundreds of people into our space to make their own pizzas, we will be offering delicious take-away pizzas, made by our hard-working team and baked in our wood-fired oven, available every Tuesday evening from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, June 2 – August 25, 2020.

    A big part of pizza nights has always been about giving back to the community that supports us throughout the year. Each night this summer will still support a local non-profit organization, but in this time, we would love for our take-away pizzas to lend a hand in other ways.

    Here’s how you can help. Small dairy farms and artisan cheesemakers have been hit pretty hard by the pandemic, and we’d love to be able to support their work by featuring their products on our pizzas this year, without transferring this increased cost onto our customers, or cutting into what we’re able to donate.

    We will offer three pizzas each night: a plain cheese, a vegetarian special and a meat special, which will feature as local, seasonal produce — and with your support, locally produced meats and artisan cheeses. These pizzas will be priced at $16, $20 and $20 respectively.

    We are endlessly grateful for your support. It has been a wild few months at the bakery, and in the world at large, and we are all feeling incredibly grateful to continue baking bread, pastry and pizza.

    Help Make this Happen!

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